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Useful emergent measures for unexpected instances of induction furnace

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How many useful emergent measures for unexpected instances of induction furnace in our daily work? Domelting Technologies will share some methods with you today.

No.1 Blackout accident -- the emergent measure of cooling water

*The dual power switch of main distribution box should be kept on automatic switching position, when the main power supply blackout, the emergency power supply will automatically input, then restart the water pump of the furnace.

*When the main power supply and emergency power supply were blackouts together, the worker should notice on duty electrician immediately, and ready to start emergency generator, ensure the water pump has the power to supply circulating cooling water for furnace body, so the generator should in good condition and keep enough fuel storage, user at least ensure the generator is running with furnace once time per month.

*When the generator does not work too, the user should connect the running water resource with cooling water joint immediately. (so keep your running water connector near your furnace cooling water joint in your workshop)

*Because of the blackout, the coil lack cooling water, and the liquid metal radiate huge heat, if no cooling water in a long time, the water inside the coil will turn to vapor, damage the coil and rubber tube and insulating parts.

No.2 Blackout accident --the emergent measure of liquid metal

*When the blackout happened during the cold furnace charge start smelting, and the furnace charge still have not full melt, the user no need to turn down the furnace, just hold the original position and keep to supply the cooling water and wait for the power service restoration.

*Because of the medium frequency power fault, and the metal complete meltdown, but the metal liquid is not enough for casting (or maybe the temperature or composition is not qualified), the user can turn down the furnace as an angle and wait for metal liquid solidifying. if the metal liquid volume is too much, the user can turn down the furnace and pull out all metal liquid.

*Because of the blackout, and the metal complete meltdown, the user should insert a pipe into the metal liquid before solidifying, that’s for gas exhaustion in the second time melting, prevent the gas floating make the explosion during the melting process.

*During the second smelting for the solidified furnace charge, the user should turn the furnace head an angle, that’s for melted liquid flow out from furnace bottom first, to prevent explosion accident during the melting process.

-Edited by Domelting Technologies, professional China induction furnace parts supplier


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