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                    High Frequency / Voltage Ceramic Capacitor

CCG81 Plate shape high frequency ceramic capacitor

High Frequency Ceramic Capacitor 
Diameter: 60mm 

100-II 200-II 15KV
100-II 8KV-U
100-II 8KV-U 100P 100PF 
100-II 10KV- 100P 100PF 
100-K 200-K 15KV
100P 100PF 100PK 12KV 15KVA 
100P 150P 200PF 15KV
100PF 15KV 40KVA 
100PK 100PF 15KV 15KVA
110P 110PF 10KV 15KV
120P 120PF 10KV 15KV
125PF 250PF 15KV
150P 150PF 150-K 150-II 15KV 15KVA
200-II 8KV-U
200-K 15KV 15KVA
200P 250P 15KV
250K 250-K 250P 250PF 10KV 12KV
25P 25PF 10KV 15KV
300-K 12KV-U 500-K 10KV-U 
300K 14KV 15KVA 300P 300PF 
300-K 300-II 12KV 8KVA
300-K 500-K 12KV 300P/PF 500P/PF
300P 300PF 12KV 12KVA
300PF 12KV 40KVA
300PF 15KV 10KVA
300PF 15KV 500PF 15KV
400PF 400-K 10KV
470PF 5KV 8KVA
470PF 8KV 10KVA
500P/PF 500-K 500-II 10KV 8KVA
500PK 10KV 8KVA
50-II 8KV
600P 600PF 10KV
82P 82PF 10KV
CCG81-1 50P 50PF 10KV 15KVA
CCG81-1 50PK 50PF 15KV_ 40KVA 
DT60 CCG81 160P 160PF 15KV 


High Frequency Ceramic Capacitor 
Diameter: 80mm 

1000-K 8KV-U 1000PF
1000PK 7KV 15KVA
100-II 200-II 15KV
100-K 200-K 15KV
100-K 25KV-U 100P 100PF
100P 100PF 20KV
12KV 40KVA 300PK DT80 300P/PF
12KV 40KVA 500PK
1500-K 10KV 20KVA
1500-K 8KV-U 1500PF
15KV 15KVA 300PK 300P 300PF
15KV 40KVA 1000PK 1000P 1000PF
15KV 40KVA 500PK 500P 500PF
300-II 15KV 30KVA 300P 300PF
300-K 15KV 30KVA 300P 300PF
300-K 500-K 15KV-U
300P 15KV 500P 15KV
300P 300PF 12KV
300PF 15KV 15KVA
300PF 15KV 500PF 15KV
300PK 15KV 30KVA 300P 300PF
500-II 15KV 15KVA 500P 500PF
500-II 15KV 75KVA
500-K 15KV- 15KVA 500P 500PF
500-K 15KV 75KVA
500P 500PF 12KV 20KVA
500PF 15KV 40KVA
500PK 15KV 15KVA
DT60 500P 500PF 10KV 8KVA

High Frequency Ceramic Capacitor 
Diameter: 110mm 

1000-K 1000-II 10KV 30KVA
300-K 300-II 25KV 90KVA 300PF
300P 300PF 300-K 300-II 25KV-U
500-II 500-K 15KV 90KVA 500P/PF
500P 500PF 15KV 90KVA

High Frequency Ceramic Capacitor 
Diameter: 120mm 

500P/PF 500PK 20KV 60KVA

High Frequency Ceramic Capacitor 
Diameter: 140mm 

1000P 1000PF 15KV
20KV 100KVA 1000PK 20KV 120KVA 2000PK
500PF 25KV 90KVA 500P

High Frequency Ceramic Capacitor 
Diameter: 150mm 

500P/PF 500-II 30KV 120/125KVA

High Frequency Ceramic Capacitor 
Diameter: 160mm 

20KV 100KVA 1000PK 20KV 120KVA 2000PK
20KV 120KVA 2000PM 2000P 2000PF DT160

CCG81 Plate shape high frequency ceramic capacitor widely used in high frequency tube welding, high frequency drying, high frequency induction heating & melting, plastic heat-conglutinating.

CCG81 Plate shape high frequency ceramic capacitor widely used in high frequency tube welding, high frequency drying, high frequency induction heating & melting, plastic heat-conglutinating.

10P 10PF 20PF 22PF 25PF 27PF 15KV     

110P 110PF 10KV 15KV         

250K 250-K 250P 250PF 10KV 12KV     

2PF 3.3PF 5PF 12PF 20PF 24PF 25PF      

30P/PF 33P/PF 39P/PF 10KV 12KV 15KV   

30PF 35PF 37PF 43PF 51PF 60PF 62PF       

330PF 360PF 390PF 12KV 15KV 560PF 10KV   

33-II 10KV 5KVA 33P 33PF   

33P 33PF 5KV       

400PF 400-K 10KV           

40PF-K 10KV 5KVA 

6200PF 500V 6800PF 1500V 

620PF 680PF 750PF 820PF        

65PF 75PF 82PF 91PF 120PF 130PF 140PF 180PF    

750PF 12KV 75KVA CCG81-2 DT80 750P     

CCB81-2 100pF±10% 25KVDC 15KVA N750    

CCG81-0 DT50 50P 50PF 15KV 15KVA      

CCG81-1 100P 100PF 15KV 60KVA      

CCG81-1 100PF 12KV 8KVA         

CCG81-1 100PF 5KV         

CCG81-1 150PF 12KV 12KVA       

CCG81-1 150PF 5KV         

CCG81-1 200PF 5KV         

CCG81-1 300P 300PF 12KV 60KVA      

CCG81-1 300P 300PF 8KV 12KVA       

CCG81-1 300PF 12KV 15KVA        

CCG81-1 300PF 12KV 60KVA        

CCG81-1 300PF 500PF 15KV 60KVA      

CCG81-1 350PF 15KV 60KVA       

CCG81-1 430PF 5KV 8KVA       

CCG81-1 500P 500PF 12KV 15KVA      

CCG81-1 500P 500PF 12KV 60KVA        

CCG81-1 500PF 10KV 60KVA        

CCG81-1 50P 50PF 10KV 15KVA       

CCG81-1 50P 50PF 15KVDC          

CCG81-1 50P 50PF 50PK 12KV 40KVA      

CCG81-1 95PF 13KV 80KVA        

CCG81-1 DT60 100PF 15KV 40KVA      

CCG81-1 DT60 150P 150PF 15KV 60KVA      

CCG81-1 DT60 200P 200PF 15KV 60KVA      

CCG81-1 DT60 240PF 8KV 15KVA       

CCG81-1 DT60 300PF 15KV 40KVA      

CCG81-1U 100PF-K 12KV 8KVA      

CCG81-1U 100PF-K 15KV 15KVA      

CCG81-1U 100PF-K 15KV 18KVA      

CCG81-1U 150PF-K 12KV 12KVA      

CCG81-1U 200PF-K 8KV 15KVA      

CCG81-1U 300PF 12KV 15KVA      

CCG81-1U 300PF 12KV 8KVA        

CCG81-1U 400PF-K 12KV 15KVA      

CCG81-1U 450PF-K 10KV 8KVA        

CCG81-1U 470PF-K 10KV 8KVA        

CCG81-1U 500PF 10KV 8KVA

CCG81-1U 500PF-K 10KV 8KVA      

CCG81-1U 50PF-K 15KV 10KVA

CCG81-2 100-K 13KV-U 15KVA        

CCG81-2 150-K 13KV-U 15KVA        

CCG81-2 150PF 12KV 15KVA 

CCG81-2 200-K 8KV 15KVA        

CCG81-3 1000-K 11KV 30KVA 1000PF      

CCG81-3 1000P 1000PF 10KV 75KVA      

CCG81-3 1000PF 10KV 40KVA        

CCG81-3 1500-K 7KV 30KVA 1500PF      

CCG81-3 300-K 25KV 90KVA 300PF      

CCG81-3 300P 300PF 15KV 75KVA      

CCG81-3 300PF 15KV 75KVA        

CCG81-3 500-K 15KV 90KVA 500P/PF      

CCG81-3 500P 500PF 15KV 75KVA      

CCG81-3 500PF 15KV 75KVA

CCG81-3 500PF 15KV 75KVA        

CCG81-3 500PF 15KV 75KVA M10

CCG81-4 1000-II 12KV 90KVA   1000P/PF  

CCG81-4 1000-K 20KV-U 100KVA   

CCG81-4 1000P/PF 1000-II 10KV 40KVA       

CCG81-4 1000P/PF 1000-K 20KV 100KVA       

CCG81-4 1000PF 15KV 100KVA       

CCG81-4 1000PF 20KV 125KVA           

CCG81-4 1000PF-K 10KV 40KVA       

CCG81-4 1500P 1500PF 9KV 90KVA         

CCG81-4 250P 250PF 25KV 40KVA      

CCG81-4 300P 300PF 30KV 90KVA      

CCG81-4 300P/PF 20KV 90KVA 100KVA     

CCG81-4 400PF-K 25KV 90KVA       

CCG81-4 500-K 25KV-U 90KVA 500P 500PF    

CCG81-4 500-K 30KV-U 120KVA 500P/PF       

CCG81-4 500PF 15KV 90KVA         

CCG81-4 DT110 1500PF 10KV 90KVA      

CCG81-4 DT110 300PF 30KV 90KVA

CCG81-5 1000-K 20KV 100KVA       

CCG81-5 1000-K 20KV 120KVA

CCG81-5 1000P 1000PF 1000-K 20KV 100KVA   

CCG81-5 1000PF 20KVDC 100KVA

CCG81-5 1500-K 30KV-U 120KVA      

CCG81-5 1500P 1500PF 1500-K 20KV 120KVA   

CCG81-5 1500P/PF 1500-K 21KV 120KVA    

CCG81-5 500-II 20KV 100KVA 500PF      

CCG81-5 500PF 25KV 90KVA        

CCG81-6 1000-II 20KV 100KVA    1000P/PF

CCG81-6 1000-II 21KV 125KVA       

CCG81-6 1000-K 21KV 125KVA 1000PF     

CCG81-6 1000P 1000PF 1000-II 21KV 125KVA   

CCG81-6 1000PF 15KV 100KVA 1000P      

CCG81-6 1500P 1500PF 1500-K 20KV 120KVA   

CCG81-6 1500PF 15KV 125KVA 1500P     

CCG81-6 1500PF 15KV 90KVA 1500P      

CCG81-6 1500PF 20KV 120KVA       

CCG81-6 1500PF 20KVDC 120KVA      

CCG81-6 2000P/PF 2000-K 20KV 120KVA       

CCG81-6 2000P/PF 8KV 90KVA       

CCG81-6 2000PF 15KV 90KVA           

CCG81-6 2200-K 15KV 90KVA       

CCG81-6 500-K 25KV-U 90KVA 100KVA     

CCG81-6 500P 500PF 30KV 120KVA      

CCG81-6 500P/PF 25KV 120KVA      

CCG81-6 500PF 25KV 125KVA        

CCG81-6 500PK 25KV 100KVA 500P/PF      

CCG81-6 DT160 2000PF 15KV 120KVA      

CCG81-7 1000-K 30KVDC 300KVA

CCG81-7 1000PF 25KV 125KVA         

CCG81-7 1500-II 21KV 125KVA       

CCG81-7 1500-K 20KV 120KVA 1500P 1500PF   

CCG81-7 1500-K 21KV 125KVA 1500PF     

CCG81-7 1500P 1500PF 1500-II 21KV 125KVA   

CCG81-7 1500PF 1500-K 25KV 120KVA      

CCG81-7 1500PF-II 21KV 120KVA 1500P   

CCG81-7 2000P 2000PF 2000-K 20KV 120KVA   

CCG81-7 2000PF 15KV 125KVA        

CCG81-7 2000PF 20KV 125KVA        

CCG81-7 2000PF 20KVDC 120KVA

CCG81-7 2200-II 15KV 125KVA       

CCG81-7 2200P 2200PF 15KV 125KVA        

CCG81-7 500P/PF/II 30KV 125KVA       

CCG81-7 500PF 30KV.DC 120KVA       

CCG81-8 1000PF-II 30KV 120KVA        

CCG81-8 1500P/PF/II 25KV 120KVA        

CCG81-8 2000-II 20KV 120KVA 2000P 2000PF   

CCG81-8 2000-II 21KV 125KVA       

CCG81-8 2000-K 21KV 125KVA 2000PF     

CCG81-8 2000P 2000PF 2000-II 21KV_ 125KVA   

CCG81-8 2000PF-II 20KV 120KVA       

CCG81-8 5000PF 12KV150KVA    

CCG81-8 DT200 3000PF 13KV 150KVA        

CCG81A-5 1000PF-II 工作21KV 100KVA     

CCG81A-6 1500PF-II 工作21KV 120KVA     

CCG81A-7 2000PF-II 工作21KV 120KVA     

DT150 CCG81-6 1000P 1000PF 25KV 100KVA    

DT200 CCG81-8 1000PF 30KV 300KVA        

DT60 CCG81-1 300PF 7KV-15KVA      

FXYL CCG81-4 1000PF 1000-K 20KV 100KVA   

FXYL CCG81-5 1500PF 1500-K 21KV 120KVA   

FXYL CCG81-6 2000PF 2000-K 20KV 120KVA   

PHAMITECH CCG81-4 250PF±10% 25KVDC 40KVA  

TYPE847 33PF 5KV       

UUHC CCG81-4 1000P/PF 1000-K 20KV 100KVA   

UUHC CCG81-5 1500P/PF 1500-K 21KV 120KVA   

UUHC CCG81-6 2000P/PF 2000-K 20KV 120KVA   

XPCC CCG81-4 1000-K 20KV 100KVA      

XPCC CCG81-6 1500-K 20KV 120KVA      

XPCC CCG81-6 2200P/PF 15KV 90KVA      

XPCC CCG81-7 2000-K 20KV 120KVA      


150P 150PF 2KV 2.5KV 3KV 
15KV 15KVA 300PK  DT6060mm
15KV 40KVA 500PK 500P 500PF 
1n0M 3KV 102 3KV  1000P 1000PF 20mm
2500PF 10KV 90KVA 150mm
250K 250-K 250P 250PF 10KV 12KV
2n0M 3KV 202 3KV  2000P 2000PF  20mm
30P/PF 33P/PF 39P/PF 10KV 12KV 15KV
330PF 360PF 390PF 12KV 15KV 560PF 10KV
33P 33PF 5KV  
33PF10% 15KV N750 
400PF 400-K 10KV 
47P 47PF 10KV 15KV 
750PF 12KV 75KVA CCG81-2 DT80 750P
C.I.H 1000P 3KV 
CCG81 DT160 2000PF 20KV 125KVA
CCG81-0 DT50 50P 50PF 15KV 15KVA
CCG81-1 50P 50PF 10KV 15KVA
CCG81-1 DT60 100PF 15KV 40KVA
CCG81-1 DT60 240PF 8KV 15KVA
CCG81-1 DT60 300PF 15KV 40KVA
CCG81-4 DT110 300PF 30KV 90KVA
CCG81-5U 1500PF 2000PF 20KV 120KVA
CCG81-6 DT160 2000PF 15KV 120KVA
CCG81-8 5000PF 12KV150KVA 
CCG81-8 DT200 3000PF 13KV 150KVA 
CPD80 DT80 1000PF 13KV 75KVA
D-20 1000PF DC2KV 
DT100 1000PF 12KV 40KVA 
DT100 1500PF 9KV 22KVA 
DT100 300PF 30KV 90KVA
DT100 500-K 15KV-U 90KVA 500P/PF
DT100 500PF 16KV 45KVA 
DT110 1000P/PF 12KV 40KVA 
DT110 1000PF 13KV 40KVA 
DT110 1500P/PF 9KV 22KVA
DT110 250PF 16KV XPCC 45KVA
DT110 300PF 15KV 90KVA 
DT110 300PF 30KV 40KVA 
DT110 330P 330PF 20KV 25KV 30KV 90KVA
DT110 500PF 15KV 90KVA 
DT110 CCG81 300PF 20KV 100KVA
DT140 1000P 1000PF 25KV 90KVA
DT140 1000P/PF 21KV 100KVA
DT140 1000PF 20KV 125KVA 
DT140 1000PF 21KV 120KVA 
DT140 1000PF 21KV 90KVA
DT140 1000PK 20KV 100KVA 1000P/1000PF
DT140 1500PF 10KV 90KVA
DT140 2000PF 15KV 120KVA 
DT140 2000PF 8KV 70KVA 
DT140 2000PF 9KV 90KVA
DT140 500PF 25KV 90KVA
DT140 900PF 21KV 100KVA
DT150 1500PK 20KV 120KVA 
DT150 1500PK 21KV 125KVA 
DT150 CCG81-6 1000P 1000PF 25KV 100KVA
DT160 1500PF 25KV 125KVA 1500P
DT160 1500PK 21KV 120KVA 
DT160 2000PF-K 20KV 120KVA 
DT160 2000PK 20KV 120KVA 
DT20 102 1000P/PF 3KV
DT20 202 2000P/PF 3KV
DT200 CCG81-8 1000PF 30KV 300KVA 
DT30 222 2200PF 6KV 
DT50 50PF 60PF 68PF 80PF 10KV
DT50 DT60 50PF 12KV 20KVA 
DT60 100K 25KV 15KVA 100P/PF
DT60 100PF 100K 10KV 12KVA
DT60 100PK 15KV 15KVA
DT60 100PK 25KV 10KVA100P 100PF
DT60 150-K 12KV 10KVA 
DT60 150P 150PK 15KV 15KVA
DT60 150PF 12KV 10KVA 
DT60 150PF 150-K 15KV 15KVA 
DT60 150PF 15KV 40KVA
DT60 200K 12KV 10KVA 200PF 
DT60 200P 200PF 12KV 15KVA
DT60 220K 220P 220PF 12KV 15KVA
DT60 240K 240P 240PF 12KV 15KVA
DT60 270K 270P 270PF 12KV 15KVA
DT60 300P 300PF 10KV 40KVA
DT60 300P 300PF 12KV 40KVA
DT60 300P 300PF 12KV-15KVA
DT60 300P 300PF 15KV 15KVA
DT60 300PF 300K 12KV-15KVA 
DT60 300PK 15KV 15KVA 300P 300PF
DT60 500P 500PF 10KV 8KVA
DT60 500P 500PF 500K 12KV 15KVA
DT60 500PF 10KV 40KVA 
DT60 500PF 15KV 15KVA
DT60 500PF 15KV 40KVA 
DT60 500PF 500K 12KV-15KVA 
DT60 500PK 15KV 15KVA
DT60 CCG81-1 300PF 7KV-15KVA
DT60-15/15-300P 300PF 15KV 15KVA
DT80 1000P 1000PF 1000PK 15KV 40KVA
DT80 1000P 1000PF 10KV 15KVA
DT80 1000P/PF 1000-II 10KV 30KVA
DT80 1000P/PF 1000K 10KV 15KVA
DT80 1000P/PF 1000-K 10KV 30KVA
DT80 1000PF 7KV 15KVA  
DT80 1000PK CCG780 
DT80 150P 150PF 25KV 15KVA
DT80 300K 12KV 15KVA 300P/PF
DT80 300P 300PF 12KV 40KVA
DT80 300P 300PF 15KV 30KVA
DT80 300P 300PF 15KV 40KVA
DT80 300P 300PF 300K 15KV 30KVA
DT80 300PF 300K 15KV-30KVA 
DT80 300PF 500PF 15KV 40KVA
DT80 300PK 12KV 40KVA 
DT80 300PK 15KV 40KVA 
DT80 500K 12KV 15KVA 500P/PF
DT80 500K 14KV 15KVA 
DT80 500K 14KV-15KVA 500PF 
DT80 500P 500PF 12KV 40KVA
DT80 500P 500PF 15KV 15KVA
DT80 500P 500PF 15KV 40KVA
DT80 500PF 12KV 15KVA M10mm 
DT80 500PF 15KV 40KVA 
DT80 500PK 15KV 40KVA 
DT80 500PK 15KV 75KVA 
DT80 800P 800PF 11KV 25KVA
TYPE847 33PF 5KV 
XPCC DT110 300P 300PF 30KV 90KVA
XPCC DT110 500PF 16KV 45KVA 500P
XPCC DT140 1000P 1000PF 15KV 90KVA
XPCC DT140 1500PF 15KV 90KVA
XPCC DT140 500PF 25KV 90KVA
XPCC DT150 100PF 30KV 100KVA
XPCC DT150 500P 500PF 30KV 120KVA
XPCC DT50 100K 10KV 8KVA
XPCC DT50 100PF 12KV 15KVA
XPCC DT50 150PF 12KV 15KVA
XPCC DT50 50K 10KV 8KVA 50PF
XPCC DT50 50P 50PF 12KV 15KVA
XPCC DT60 300K 12KV 15KVA 
XPCC DT60 500K 12KV 15KVA
XPCC DT60 500PF 12KV 15KVA
XPCC DT60 500PF 500K 10KV 15KVA
XPCC DT80 1000K 10KV 15KVA
XPCC DT80 300K 14KV 15KVA
XPCC DT80 300P 300PF 300K 15KV 30KVA
XPCC DT80 500K 14KV 15KVA
XPCC DT80 500K 15KV 15KVA
XPCC DT80 500K 500P/PF 15KV 75KVA
XPCC DT80 500PF 15KV 15KVAM10mm
XPCC DT80 500PF 500K 14KV 15KVA


Voltage Ceramic Capacitor

Professional induction furnace control circuit, induction furnace main control board, Techsem thyristor, induction furnace PCB provider.

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