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Immersion Thermocouple for Molten Metal

Immersion thermocouple.jpg

Immersion thermocouples are used to monitor and control the temperature of liquid metal during melt preparation, holding, degassing and casting operations. Domelting offers thermocouples as well as thermocouple protection tube assemblies that are suited for specific operating conditions and processes. Induction Furnace Boards Manufacturer, TECHSEM thyristor distributor

structural drawing of Immersion Thermoco
Immersion Thermocouple.jpg
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Technical parameter

Graduation mark:WRe3/25 Max temp 1820                         S(PtRh10-platinum) Max temp 1760

                              R(PtRh13-platinum) Max temp 1760       B(PtRh30-PtRh6) Max temp 1800

Allowance error:       Ordinary grade(P)±5℃    Precision grade(J)±2℃

Wire accuracy:          Target site(1554℃)(P)±3℃  (J)±1.5℃

Paper tube length:    300-1800mm (custom made available)

Protection cover:   steel or aluminum

Success rate:≥ 98%

Response time:≤ 5s


Temperature Sensors for Molten Metal. Induction Furnace Boards Manufacturer, TECHSEM thyristor distributor

Rapidresponse type expendable thermocouple is used for measuring the temperature of molten metal.It has advantage of high accuracy,rapid reaction,reliability and stability. Induction Furnace Boards Manufacturer, TECHSEM thyristor distributor

Immersion Thermocouple mode type.png

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