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Precautions for buying second-hand intermediate frequency furnace

If you’re looking for an induction furnace for your foundry, please consider purchasing a used induction furnace. The used inductotherm melting furnaces in good shape will work efficiently and help you increase your production. However, before buying a used induction furnace for sale, you need to consider the following factors.

1. Control Features of the Metal Melting Furnace

You want a used induction furnace that gives you more control over the operations. You should be able to control the emission of smoke, dust, and other associated pollutants. Additionally, the ideal induction furnace for sale should have temperature control features that allow you to regulate the power supply of the furnace. Metals have a different melting point. For instance, steel melts at 1,370 degrees Celsius (2,500 degrees Fahrenheit). As such, being in control of how much power an induction furnace consumes will help you melt metals at the appropriate melting points. This will ensure that you produce quality products. Before buying an induction furnace for sale, ensure that you are comfortable with the control features on the induction melting furnace for sale. Lastly, the ideal induction furnace should be easy to control, install, and maintain.

2. The Size of the Induction Furnace

Inductotherm melting furnaces are available in different sizes. Depending on the size of your melting foundry, you should select an induction furnace with a capacity that meets or exceeds the quantity of metal that you want to melt. Typically, induction furnaces occupy less space and are therefore suitable for use in foundries of all sizes. You will find a used induction furnace with a capacity as low as 60gr (2.5 ounces) and big ones with a melting capacity as high as 25,000Kg (55,000 lbs.). The needs of your foundry should guide the size of the used induction furnace for sale that you should buy.

3. Noise Produced by the Induction Furnace

If a used induction furnace is in poor condition, it may produce excessive noise when operating at maximum capacity. While there will always be some noise produced during smelting, a poorly-maintained induction furnace may be too noisy that it distracts the operations of your foundry. Today, furnace manufactures are working on noiseless induction furnaces. You may not get a completely noiseless furnace, but you should get one that doesn’t produce loud and scratchy noises that may affect the productivity of your employees.

induction furnace

4. Oxidation Loss

Ideally, the used induction furnace should have a lower oxidation rate. This translates to less waste produced in the smelting process, hence increasing your production rate. You want to buy the core type induction furnaces to enjoy a lower oxidation burn loss. If an induction furnace has a high oxidation rate, you will not only produce fewer units but also you will produce low-quality products.

5. The Furnace Shell

The furnace shell of a used induction furnace must be in top shape and of good quality. A loose furnace shell may lead to catastrophic accidents. Your employees may sustain serious and life-threatening burns in case the furnace shell has some loose parts. A durable and high-quality furnace shell will maintain the furnace quality even under constant heavy usage.

6. The Cost of a Used Induction Furnace

There are a lot of factors that come into play when determining the cost of an induction furnace. The size, model, and purpose of the induction furnace will largely influence the cost. The cost of a used induction furnace should be the last factor that you consider. Ideally, you should first ensure that the induction furnace is tailored to your needs, and it is in good shape. Additionally, consider the quality of the materials used to make the induction melting furnace. When the metal melting furnace ticks all the right boxes, you can then begin comparing prices.

While you will need to thoroughly examine a used induction furnace before buying, you will enjoy many benefits when you choose the right one. You should trust the top induction melting furnaces manufacturers to supply you with the best induction furnaces.

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