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ceramic foam filter title

Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic Foam Filter

With three dimensional connected porous channel,ceramic foam filter has lots functions to molten metal as follows:

-Mechanical block: remove large non-metallic inclusions.

-Filtering effect:filter small non-metallic inclusions.

-Deep adherence: adhere little inclusions.

-Reduce turbulence,provide laminar flow, avoid whirlpool.

-Trap gas that enter the mold cavity,relax impact, and decrease drop sand.

After use:

-Effectively enhance qualification rate.

-Improve metallurgical structure of metal products.

-Enhance mechanical properties of metal products.

-Simplify gating system

Honeycomb Ceramic

Honeycomb Ceramic

-Low thermal expansion coefficient,large surface area, good thermal stability, high porosity, stable chemical performance.

-Good heat storage characteristics, low-resistance property and high temperature resistance.

-The key and core components of heat storage high temperature combustion technology.

-By this technology, the recovery rate of furnace exhaust heat reached 82%, energy usage efficiency increased by 50%, and energy-saving effect significantly.

-As the key components of regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), this heat accumulation is used to preheat the follow up organic waste gas, thus saving fuel consumption of waste gas heating.

Honeycomb Ceramic
CFA Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

CFA Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

-Apply to improve the quality of aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous alloy casting.

-Improve metallurgical structure.

-Enhance mechanical properties.

-Change turbulence into laminar flow

CFA Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter
CFS Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter

CFS Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter

-Apply to improve the quality of ductile, gray, and malleable iron casting, and help to slow the turbulence of the pouring gate. Whit excellent thermal shock resistance and high temperature strength, it can withstand the extreme environment in the process of iron casting.

-Purity molten iron.

-Improve the quality of iron casting.

-Reduce inclusions of iron casting.

-Stabilize mold filling time.

CFS Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter
CFZ Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter

CFZ Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter

Apply to purity the molten carbon steel, steel alloy and stainless steel. It can withstand technical requirements in steel casting process, filter slag and etched material, slow turbulence, thereby reduce the re-oxidation slag.

-Purity molten steel.

-Enhance the yield of steel casting.

-Reduce inclusions of steel casting.

-Decrease internal re-oxidation defects.

-Reduce the sub-surface defects after machining.

CFZ Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter
CFM Magnesia Ceramic Foam Filter
CFM Magnesia Ceramic Foam Filter

CFM Magnesia Ceramic Foam Filter

As the magnesium alloy is more active than any other non-ferrous metals, the high-temperature molten magnesium alloy can easily react with main-material of ceramic foam filter and filter rapidly liquate. Our CFM is just used for purifying molten magnesium alloy and filling the gap of domestic market.

-Purify molten magnesium alloy.

-Improve the inner quality of magnesium alloy.

Industrial honeycomb ceramic

Industrial honeycomb ceramic

Material:Mullite, Cordierite, Alumina, Zirconia, Aluminiumtitannate, Silicon carbide, Titania, Spodumene, Stoneware and so on.

Shape of holes:

Square, Circle, Rectangle, Triangle, Rhombus, Hexagon.


Industrial heat storage substrate

Our honeycomb ceramic heat storage substrate specially used in steel heat furnace, with high specific surface area, good thermal stability, excellent thermal shock resistance. It can achieve high temperature efficiency and get more remaining heat.

Material: Corundum/Mullite, Cordierite/Mullite


Extruded Ceramic Filter

Our honeycomb ceramic filter with excellent thermal shock resistance, high strength, high hole fraction and specific surface area, unique cell designs and advanced material used to make, filter has a special function of filtering and capturing molten metal impurities on the cell’s internal walls.

Material: Cordierite, Mullite, Cordierite/Mullite, Zirconia

Application: Ductile iron, Grey iron, Stainless steel


Baffle block

The baffle block used in heating furnace, it not only protect heat storage substrate but also extends it’s life.

Baffle block with high thermal shock resistance and advanced ceramic material. The main material is fused corundum, so it can resist to high temperature, resist to oxidation and erosion. It has good performance to guarantee the long life of heat storage substrate.


Catalyst Support

Honeycomb ceramic catalyst support with high resistance to thermal shock, high thermal durability, high specific surface area

Professional induction furnace control circuit, induction furnace main control board, Techsem thyristor, induction furnace PCB provider.

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