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     Domelting Technologies is a professional induction furnace parts supplier since 2012, we supply kinds of induction equipment & accessories for the user, and we supply medium frequency furnace main control board, high-frequency furnace control board, induction melting furnace control card, PCB, SCR, thyristor, Silicon Controlled Rectifier, foam ceramic filter,high temperature kiln, and other consumables. 

    Meanwhile, we integrate domestic professional metalworking fabricator and powder metallurgy provider resource, through subcontractor mode to serve our customers, satisfy their demands.

​     We desire to contribute convenient and reliable service for our customers, assist them to get economical but well-made equipment & accessories from China.


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  • Power 

  • Input

  • Output

  • Current

  • Voltage

  • Pressure

  • Frequency

  • ​Rate

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  • Quantity

  • Weight

  • Volume

  • Package

  • ​Rate



  • Air

  • Railway

  • Shipping

  • Container

  • Express

  • ​Solution plan

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  • ​​Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) fabrication

  • For Lab

  • For College

  • For Company

  • For Institute

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  • ​​Vacuum hot pressing sintering fabrication

  • For Lab

  • For College

  • For Company

  • For Institute


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