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Kiln furniture & setter plate

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High aluminum box kiln furniture.jpg

High aluminum box for porcelain teeth sintering
- High purity row material, no pollution, long service life, also good at 1650℃working condition as high temperature kiln furniture.
-Application:porcelain teeth sintering, zirconia ceramics bead sintering, high purity alumina ceramic plate sintering,sapphire annealing.

zirconia setter plate
-zirconia setter plate is a corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance rare earth refractory, used as dielectric ceramics,powder metallurgy,chip capacitor,piezoelectric ceramics, ferrite magnetic material sintering backing plate, to avoid parts binding & prevent electromagnetic properties losing etc.
-Application:dielectric ceramics, tungsten alloy, liquid phase sintered cemented carbide, Titanium alloy.
-our zirconia row material after purifying, our kiln furniture has excellent chemical inertness & thermal stability. 
induction furnace thyristor, Techsem thyristor, induction furnace control circuit, induction furnace control board, induction furnace control panel.


Low temperature cofiring ceramics (LTCC)setter plate

Magnetic material setter plate
Suit for thermistor,varistor,ferrite sintering.
As pushing plate for Ni-Zn,Zn-Mn kiln.

Application: for monolithic ceramic capacitor MLCC,ceramic filter ,multilayer resistance,soft magnetic ferrite sintering,  powder metallurgy sintering.

Kiln furniture hearth board 
Working temperature 1700℃ 

High aluminum pushing plate
Working temperature 1700℃ 

For ceramic powder sintering 
For cathode material sintering
For ITO Target sintering
Porous anodic alumina plate for MIM stainless steel stsintering, siphon debinding.

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