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How to improve the induction furnace lining life

furnace lining

Intermediate frequency electric stove in the first time and the future use, all needs to play in furnace lining and the sintering. According to the raw materials and smelting furnace need different acid and alkaline divided into lining, our factory is using acidic lining. Play lining, is to use the material such as quartz sand, the furnace wall do a layer isolation smelting furnace materials and within the induction coils, protect the induction coils. Play lining should pay attention, forcibly even playing strong, a play, a molding.Lining play need to the long time after low temperature baking, make a strong condenses into-whole, and has a strength, can go through melting liquid mixing and charging impact. Sintering, should follow the empty furnace temperature method of low power slow, continuous baking 36 hours or more, make full setting curing. The stand or fall of lining knot, is to ensure that the service life of intermediate frequency electric stove and of the importance of safety premise.

Lining knot, how to correctly, reasonable operation is to extend intermediate frequency electric stove service life and ensure the safety of life key. -a case, operation intermediate frequency electric stove before you check, water cooling system flow is obstructed, cooling water pressure and water temperature is normal or not, whether the leakage phenomenon, hydraulic system is to work. Operation to do, careful not been touched a touch, one operator, a people care, and it is strictly prohibited to other workers into the room, prevent to get an electric shock.Smelting process to use dry melt material, and do light feeding, often adding material, when melting furnace materials should be timely to need to melt it out, avoid high temperature increase lining loss; Frequently observed, when found outside the furnace are aglow phenomenon, this is to leak harbingers of furnace, should be taken promptly shut and moderate frequency power, pour in from the melt materials, and other measures to avoid missing furnace accidents. In use should also pay attention to, when found lining is very thin, can't continue to use, should be destroying the old lining redo new lining, prevent leakage furnace accidents.

In addition, because of intermediate frequency electric stove work in high temperature, high voltage, large down electricity. Therefore, we should often cleaning the room, power supply and induction coils which connect copper platoon of dust, prevent insulation fault decrease. Always check the water cooling water, water pressure is normal or not. Of all parts of the regular connecting bolts, nuts to tighten, prevent contact undesirable burned components. Regular water cooling system for pumping motor, hydraulic pressure station motor maintenance, cleaning the hydraulic oil, ensure the normal water and oil supply. The regular equipment rated voltage, current come to pass, prevent the protection circuit failure. Regular, correct and elaborate maintenance is to extend intermediate frequency electric stove service life and to ensure the security of the important guarantee.

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