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How to repair burned through copper bus bar of induction furnace

Induction furnace bus bar

Induction furnace assembled by furnace shell, induction coil, furnace lining and tilting mechanism, shell made by non ferromagnetic materials, induction coil made by copper tube, copper tube inside has cooling water, induction coil has a copper bus bar connect with water cold cable, sometimes, the copper bus bar has burned through problem, and cause heat to blow off.

Main reasons: Reason 1. Worker operation fault or furnace nose too short, make the metal liquid contact with copper bus bar during tilting or casting process. Reason 2.Furnace lining had been burned through, and metal liquid leak outside.

The cooling water will spring out from the burned through the crack of the bus bar, the user should stop furnace running and begin repair, because of the copper bus bar was installed in the shell, that’s very hard to do welding method, the user needs to dispatch copper bus bar from the furnace.

The traditional repair process is: tilting all metal liquid→stop furnace running→furnace cooling→remove lining→take out the bus bar→welding→install the bus bar→build new lining→empty furnace heating up→start melting.

The traditional method wastes lots of time & energy & money. Now we introduce a new method for your reference. If the copper bus bar was burned through by reason 1, the user can stop furnace temporarily, meanwhile to cut some 1-2mm thickness copper sheet in pieces, its size bigger than crack, then use saw or sand wheel to remove the residue of crack, and use sandpaper to clean the crack, then mix the stereotype epoxy resin and solidifying agent, the last step is to use mixed material to stick copper piece on crack, the solidified epoxy resin can reach high stick strength after a few minutes, the user can start furnace again.

If the copper bus bar was burned through by reason 2, the user can refer such repair process as below: tilting all metal liquid→stop furnace running→repair the lining→stick the copper bus bar→restart furnace.

Compare traditional repair method, this new method can save lots of time & energy.

Edited by Domeltign Technologies, the professional China induction furnace parts supplier.


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