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Burnout Reasons Of Induction Furnace Thyristor

techsem thyristor

Why new installed thyristor often burnout after short time work? In fact, this is common faults of induction furnace, we collect some faults reasons are as follows:

1. The thermal characteristics of electrical component of Control part is poor.

2. Thyristor and heat ex-changer in incorrect installation.

3. The heat ex-changer after many times use or pressed small mesa thyristor before, this condition can make heat ex-changer mesa center sink and cause heat ex-changer mesa and thyristor mesa in poor contact.

4. Too many scale deposit was accumulated in water jacket, this condition cause poor heat conduction and make component easy over heat.

5. Fast speed thyristor temperature up quickly by poor heat exchange, meanwhile the thyristor shut off time turn longer by tempreature up, this condition led to component cannot shut off and cause inverter subversion。

6. The thyristor working temperature over heat, gate parameter down, low anti-interference ability, easy cause triggering error to damage thyristor & equipment.

7. Check RC-snubbers circuit is good or not.

These methods for your reference, choose an reliable & high quality thyristor for induction furnace is very important job, do not choose cheap and poor quality thyristor. DoMelting Technologies offer reliable thyristor for you!

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