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What are RFM, RAM electric capacitor?

RFM capacitor, RAM electric capacitor, capacitor bank

An overview of the RFM, RAM electric capacitor

Electric capacitor is mainly used in induction heating for improving power factor of the system, or to improve circuit characteristics. RAM type water-cooled RFM and the whole film electric capacitor performance in line with the GB/T3984.1-2004 "electric capacitor and IEC60110-98, and the frequency of 100-50000 hz induction heating equipment using capacitor". Installation place no violent mechanical vibration, no harmful gases and vapors, conductivity and explosive dust. Products using the environment temperature within the scope of the 25 ~ + 50 ℃, cooling water to pure water, the outlet water temperature is not more than 40 ℃.

RFM and RAM electric capacitor mode, index

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