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DIY high frequency induction heating machine

This type induction heating circuit use 12-48V low voltage DC power, max input current 20A, it can reach 1000W power in short time, long time working power 500-800W. Suit for DIY player do parts quenching, annealing etc heat treatment, (heating steel bar or tube, the diameter must in 10mm range). User can match our crucible with this machine do melting job, such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc. Crucible capacity is 200gm gold or silver, 100gm copper. This circuit can direct heat steel, carbon steel, graphite, titanium alloy. Copper or aluminum, stainless steel heating must contact us for special heating coil, the graphite crucible is consumables, turn to CO2 by oxidation process during working, service life about 10 of times. Circuit must use cooling fan during working, copper tube need water cold method.

Mini induction heating

We have plan A for quenching user, and plan B for melting user, Plan A weight about 2kgs, plan B weight about 3gks.

24V use crucible can melt lead & tin

36V use crucible can melt aluminum

48V use crucible can melt gold silver and copper

Heating PCB size : 10x10cm

Heating coil inner diameter: 40mm (custom made acceptable)

Crucible 65mm

Full set: power unit,

20A air switch, heating circuit, fan, base, water pump, water pump power adapter, silicon tube.

DIY homemade high frequency induction unit
DIY high frequency induction heating machine

homemade high frequency induction heating machine DIY

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