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Energy Saving Reform Of Induction Heating Equipment

High frequency energy saving is hot in heat treatment industry, because of the high frequency induction heating method compare with other heating methods, it has big power consumption and low utilization rate(about 20%~40%)features,so,take some changes on high frequency energy saving is very important work, not only for cost saving, but also to avoid over old type HF equipment service life in advance.

1.Features of old type high frequency equipment

- Anode power supply use thyristor do rectifying and voltage regulation way;

- Electron tube is radio launch tube;

- Tank circuit and blocking capacitor is tank type capacitor.

2.Methods of energy saving

- Use high voltage silicon rectifier stack or microprocessor controlled AC power source voltage regulator to replace mercury-arc thyristor.

- Use high frequency energy saving new type electron tube,thoriated cathode electron tube for industrial heating.

-Use new type capacitor bank

Old type's voltage resistance is low, small reactive capacity, high fault rate(breakdown,corona discharge etc),so user should choose new type high voltage ceramic dielectric capacitor.

Besides,in reform process, user should do inspections or changes on some small parts,suck as insulation plate and coils,bus bar,electron tube water jacket, copper made components and aged resistance components.

Through our experience,during high frequency working period, correct tuning is a very important job. We request anode,cascade power current ratio as much close as 6,to make electron tube in best working condition, in such condition, anode consumption is minimum, output power is maximum, that’s good for energy saving, improve production rate and keep safe running.

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